Mail Look and Forwarding Service Request


Optional Upgrade to Forward

Please note, this service is only a mail look up service to determine if you have mail in your mailbox. This service can be utilized if you dont want to come to the office to pick up mail if there is no mail there. You can add mail forwarding as well by selecting mail forward upgrade from the dropdown.

Expedited Mail Forwarding Service

If you selected the Mail Forward Upgrade these options are optionally available. If you need your mail shipped within 24 hours. If this next Wednesday is ok for shipping date please do not select this option.

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If you have a virtual office with us and selected No Mail forwarding option you may request mail forwarding by purchasing this mail forwarding service.    In the event that you do not want to have your mail forwarded but you want to have a receptionist look to confirm if mail is available you can select this Look service with optional mail service.  By purchasing the Look service you will receive an email with documentation of if there is mail or no mail.  Please include your email in the comments of the order.  If you also purchase the forward service, your mail will be forwarded the very next Wednesday.    If you need service expedited service, please select expedited service option.

Postage is billed directly to your account.  We also have an option to ship via UPS Next Day Air using our account or If you would like you may provide your UPS or FED id number and we can forward according to your instructions.  We will select Next Day Air if you request your mail to be forwarded via Express post carrier, unless otherwise requested.