Directory Registration

Registered Occupant

Registered Occupant list is maintained for office Security purposes.
  • Please list the company or person who you are employed by. Company you represent who is our tenant.
  • This information is hidden in directory.
  • Please input a phone number where landlord, Landlord employees, or your visitors can reach you. This is a public phone number.
  • Please input a phone number where you can be reached by the landlord if necessary. If its the same as the public phone number please input it again. The number input in this field will not be published.
  • This Number may be input by the landlord if you dont know it. This is the extension where you can be reached on the interoffice phone system.
  • Enter the numer of either a drivers license, or Identification card issued by the State of michigan. This information is hidden from the public directory.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.